Saturday, 29 October 2016

Autumn's Bounty

I love the seasonal changes that are a signature of natural Britain and Autumn has a beauty all of it's own. However, walking across Pevensey Levels yesterday in temperatures of 17 degrees under a clear blue sky and with just a gentle breeze, it felt like summer was trying to hold on for a while longer. We saw four freshly emerged Clouded Yellows on the wing.
Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus) (male)

Shaggy Ink Cap (Coprinus comatus)

The weather this week has been good for moth trapping with still, overcast nights and temperatures staying in double figures. The species attracted to the light in our wealden garden indicate that Autumn is well and truly with us.
Green-brindled Crescent (Allophyes oxyacanthae)
November Moth (Epirrita dilutata)

Red-green Carpet (Chloroclysta siterata)

Feathered Thorn (Colotois pennaria) (male)

Cypress Carpet (Thera cupressata)

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